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Breakfast with Eggs

Most of our breakfast come with the choice of:
Toast – White, Sourdough, Wheat
Two eggs – OE, OM, OH, SCRM
Hash Brown
** Country Fries potatoes will be served during summer.


Burger or Sandwich

Selection for lunch, your choice of: Hamburger
Hot Dog
** which come with french fries or onion rings or green salad


Alma’s Dishes

We have selected a few dishes during lunchtime where our customers can order special dishes, like fried noodles, spring rolls, egg rolls, chicken rice plate, or Alma’s Soup Noodles.

It’s the reason why we’re in this…

Alma’s River Cafe (formerly known as Ike’s Cafe) was established in 1959. This is a full services restaurant that provided breakfast for the local, farmers, and friends that lived near or afar from Walnut Grove, California.

My wife and I are passionate about food. We want to bring out the best ingredients for our customers. We will serve the food one customer at a time. These foods are home cook meal with our recipes and not street foods. These are not just customers but our families, our friends, and the most precious people on our planet.

What makes Alma’s River Cafe unique is that we created our recipe from scratch and have been pass down from generation to generation; not just the taste but the experience in the food industries for more than 20 years. Come by to dine with us!

Next Steps…

We reserved the right to change the price at any time and refuse service to any customer. We are working on bringing new technology and website system for our customers to interact with each other.